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  Sodium Sulphite heptahydrate is produced in the form of a colourless or nearly colourless crystals.  
  Sodium Sulphite Heptahydrate is a convenient source of sulphur dioxide. For this reason it is a component of photographic developers, a food preservative, an aid in leather tanning, an oxygen scavenger in water treatment operations, and is used for removing  residual chlorine after textile and paper bleaching processes ( an antichlor ).  
  Physico - chemical properties  
  Chemical formula Na2SO3*7 H2O  
  Mol  Wt. 252.16            g/mol  
  Bulk density 848-928         kg/m3  
  Technical Specification    
  Assay  Na2SO3*7H2O min.      96                    %  
  Water - insoluble matters max      0,005               %  
  Chlorides  ( as Cl ) max      0,05                 %  
  Na2S2O3*5H2O max.     0,02                 %  
  Heavy metals  ( as Pb ) max.     0,001               %  
  Iron max.     0,001               %  
  Arsenic max.     0,00005           %  
  NaHSO3 does not contain  
  Carbonates  ( Na2CO3 ) max      0,2                   %  
  Analysis made by BN-74/6191-135  
  Double bags  PE / PP  holding 25 kg  
  For export and special requirements other types of  packages can be supplied on request.  


  Persons suffering from asthma or other respiration problems should avoid any contact with or exposure to Sodium Sulphite Heptahydrate.  
  Handling Precautions  
  Wear goggles and dust mask when handling bulk quantities.  Do not store near acids or oxidizing agents. Keep in dry and closed containers.  
  Reacts with acids with liberation of sulphur dioxide (a toxic gas). Nitric acid may react violently. Reacts with oxidizing agents sometimes violently. Sodium Sulphite Heptahydrate is non-flammable, but will decompose in a fire with liberation of sulphur dioxide, a choking, toxic gas. Suitable fire extinguishers :  Water.  
  Sodium Sulphite Heptahydrate is not a dangerous substance.  
  First Aid  
  Eyes: Wash out with water for at least15 minutes.  
  Mouth: Wash out with water, if the chemical has been swallowed give water, milk of magnesia or milk to drink.  
  Skin: Wash off with planty of water.  
  Inhalation: Remove the person out of the  danger area to fresh air. Obtain medical attention.   
  Sweep up spilled substance into plastic bag. Rinse up with water.  
  Guarantee  period is one month from analysis (testing) date.